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David González Castro

David González Castro is an entrepreneur and investor in Internet business, co-founder of Anuntis, Spain’s leading Internet-based classifieds company, and founder of Infojobs in Brazil.

In 1997 he began his Internet adventure being one of the first people in Spain who believed in the future of the on-line business. Since then, the on-line division of Anuntis has continued to grow, and in 1999 it had to transform itself completely to adapt to the new digital business. After the dot-com crash Anuntis took the definitive leap and closed down all its paper-based production.

This is a case of a complete business transformation which David González has narrated in his book “The Conviction”.

In July 2013, he sold his shares in Anuntis to found his new firm RedArbor.


David González Castro

Entrepreneur and investor in digital businesses. Founder of Redarbor (Computrabajo - Pandapé) and Infojobs in Brazil. Co-founder of Anuntis - Adevinta Spain (fotocasa.es, segundamano.es, coches.net, laboris.net, infojobs.net).


My experiences The Conviction

La Convicción (Un sinónimo suave de obstinación)

David González Castro
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David González Castro on Linkedin
Founder of RED ARBOR
President-CEO/Founder of Infojobs.com.br
Presidente Honorífico of Anuntis